Company Registration



The cost of setting up a new company is HKD $5,000, and the special online application is $ 4,200. The fee includes the first year secretary fee, company establishment government fee, business registration certificate fee, stock box, twenty articles of association, and a set of seals. A set of bank account opening documents for accountants. To use our address as a registered address, the fee will be $ 1200 a year.

Secretary for the following year $ 2000
Registered address fee for the following year $ 1200

The following is the information we need from you to set up a new company.
1. Proposed name in Chinese and English for the new company
2. Registered address of the new company
3. Copies of ID cards of shareholders and directors
4. Address of shareholders and directors
5. Secretary information (individual: ID number, address) (company: registration number, address)
6. How much equity
7. If there are more than one shareholder, distribution of share capital
8. Where is the company established in Chinese / English? (If you use English, please provide English address)

* Above company registration service provide by MT Account


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